Believing in Oregon, Investing in Coos Bay

Gateway Terminal

1228_coos_bay_wind_project_principle_power_prototype_03As an alternative to the construction of the proposed silo-storage dry bulk terminal, the Port is considering the feasibility of developing a General Purpose Cargo Terminal that could be served by the west berth.  Such a terminal could be utilized by break bulk, project or similar cargos, and could also serve as a staging, assembly, and deployment area for offshore wind energy platforms.As a next step, the Port will identify and describe the critical terminal and berth design elements that are necessary to serve the likely cargo opportunities identified for the terminal.

  • Project Effectuate
    Project Effectuate represents a diversification opportunity for the Coos Bay harbor.Port signed an exclusive negotiating agreement (ENA) with Seattle-based Principle Power in March 2012 for exclusive rights to the western berth. The project involves the onshore manufacture and assembly of five semi-submersible wind platforms that would then be towed to sea.  Final assembly point requires a minimum 30-foot deep channel draft for towing out of the harbor. ind platforms would be located between 15-18 miles offshore and anchored (tethered) to the sea-floor, outside of major fisheries areas.
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  • December 2012 U.S. Department of Energy awards $4 million Bay Wind Demonstration Project

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