Believing in Oregon, Investing in Coos Bay

Advisory Board

3395157-crescent-beach-at-ecola-state-park-oregon--cannon-beach-and-haystack-rock-in-distanceThe goal of many leaders in the South Coast Bay Area is to build a full-cycle economic engine that generates strategic long-term growth, sustainable jobs, and an improved quality of life in the region. To ensure that Ocean Grove Development Group is aligned and stays on track with the goals of the community, we are forming an Advisory Board comprised of a diverse team of local and regional leaders and experts.
Advisory Board members will draw from their years of experience in industry and public service to provide advice and insight to the company as we move forward with strategically planned residential communities and industrial developments. The collective wisdom of the Advisory Board will enable us to be more effective and purposeful in our efforts to attract new companies that will bring long-term family-wage jobs to the area.
A key element of our strategy is to focus on supporting programs that train residents and mentor students in the attainment of critical skills that will make them eligible for the new opportunities coming to the area. The first wave of opportunities will rise with the need for technical and construction workers as the area’s infrastructure is updated and expanded. Thereafter, the Port of Coos Bay’s enhanced multi-modal logistics capabilities and other regional assets will trigger additional opportunities as new industry moves to the area. Ocean Grove’s West Coast Gateway industrial development team will work with the Advisory Board and other consultants to identify jobs and skills best suited to these new opportunities.
Working together, we believe that great gains can be achieved in our mutual goals for rebuilding the South Coast Bay Area into a sustainable and vibrant community.

When all positions on the Advisory Board are filled, we will update this site with additional details.